Monday, October 19, 2009

This last week was a crazy week for me and Drew. We were recording a song for a music video that was gonna be submitted to a few film festivals along with a World War II short film. The song Drew recorded was his song called "It's a Dark Beauty". We spent long nights at the studio. Very fun though! It's so cool seeing a song put together. Adding more instruments, sounds, and ways of mixing. While I was hanging out there I was reading a magazine and something that Stephen Marley(Jamacan Musician, son of Bob Marley) said was that it's so hard to say your done with a song because there is always one more thing you come up with the next morning or whenever, you just gotta say it's done. Anyway, they were supposed to be filming the music video in Quincy. The setting was night time and in the forest. They problem was that it snowed that day/night they were going to film and their generators were going out. So, we were pretty bummed because we had been looking forward to it all week. Professional film equipment and filming while blasting Drew's song in the middle of the night sounded so awesome! The good thing is that now another song of his is produced.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Colombus Day at the MFA

Today me and Drew went to the Museum of Fine Arts. Down in Fenway they had a lot of things going on and this was one of the fun free events. The museum was huge and we of course saw many beautiful statues and paintings as well as a music room where we saw super old instruments they used back even in the 1800s. We saw beautiful pianos from Ireland, France, Germany, and England. They were so detailed that it made our pianos these days look very boring. Drew really enjoyed looking at the Egyptian tombs and now we both want to watch The Mummy. After we were tired of walking around we went to see the movie Surrogates, which we enjoyed. We then came home, I made dinner, and we headed out to a meeting with one of his producers. They're gonna start working on a song for an upcoming short film. Should be cool! As of me, I finish up training this week for my job and am on the floor next week. Woo Woo!