Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Drews Graduation Ceremony

This past weekend was Drew's graduation ceremony! Drew's parents, Carly, and Denver flew in from Jamaica to be there which was super nice cuz they've been traveling to different countries for the past week (check our their business E3 Imagine)! My dad, who is a HUGE support to us and wouldn't have missed Drew graduating for the world, came into town. Dawn couldn't make it being in an intense esthetician program (she finishes up next week :))! My mom and Kevin would have loved to be there, but my mom was working :/. We started out the big day with the ceremony! We got to listen to speakers Chucho Valdés, Bebo Valdés, Kenny Garrett, Mavis Staples, and Michael McDonald who received honorary doctor of music degrees from Berklee! The speakers were REALLY inspirational. Drews name was called, he walked his walk, and we cheered his name!! We ate at two of our most favorite restaurants. Max Brenner by the baldman for lunch! They have amazing food with a great atmosphere. We even had chocolate fondue! We then got rained on trying to shop around Newbury....for dinner we went to 94 Mass Ave. Our good friends Quinn and Claire came, Jake, and our boss friend David. Great restaurant as well. So all in all it was a really fun day spend with family and friends that are a big part of Drews life!! He still has a summer semester, but it will go by fast. I am so extremely proud of him for pushing through school, work, recording his cd, and being married at the same time! That is a lot to handle :). It's so crazy to think that we are soon moving into a different chapter of life. We feel ready though! We have been in Boston for almost two years now! We are coming up on our two year anniversary in August! Crazy crazy crazy. We hope to move west to California so we can be close to family and the fact that we both love the beach and perfect weather :).