Thursday, January 28, 2010

My handsome musician has embarked on another semester, while I continue to cook, clean, run errands, and watch babies for my wonderful nanny family. Drew got the classes that he wanted to with great teachers and is excited about his new semester of school! We are diving deep into Drew's music for the next few months, putting a lot of our extra time into recording for the demo CD. Drew will also be gigging this semester with his buddy Mitch(who is in a picture over there to the right) as well as his brother Denver, who will be moving out here in April. Yay Denver! That will be fun...I can't wait to go to their shows and I better get used to it! It was Tara's birthday this week...(HAPPY BIRTHDAY TARA!). She is now working with me as well! She comes with me on Wednesday's and Friday's. I love the days that she comes! Everything flows better when she is around because we, of course, get more things done. I'm grateful for everything that we have and that we are able to be out here.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

It IS cold outside! But we are getting through it :). We had a great week. I worked a lot because my hours increased this week. I am now working an hour earlier at 9 and working a half day on Saturday from 8 to 1. Whewww-eee! That means our gym time is earlier and colder, haha. Something kinda crazy happened at work. I found our that Drew and I are going to Disneyworld in 3 weeks! The family that I nanny for is having us come with them to Disneyworld for 2 weeks to help watch their kids. 2 weeks is a long time in Disneyworld, but it will be great because time at the parks will be more spread out. Therefore, more relaxing time. Drew had a breakthrough with is music this week. With his time off of school he has been able to really practice and continue the progress of working on the songs for his demo cd. He wrote a new song that blew me away. The style of his playing improved a ton. His new finger picking techniques make the song really interesting to listen to. It's not just strumming through it. He is really becoming the type of artist he sees himself being. On Friday for date night we are now switching off picking a place somewhere in the Boston area or a little outside and going there with no real plans. Just picking a restaurant that we see and want to go to then finding something we to do after. It adds some spontinuity to our night and helps us see more of a variety of Boston. This last Friday Drew picked. He chose Coolidge Corner which is like Harvard Square, but more quaint. We ate at this great homemade All-American type restaurant. After, we checked out the movie theater down there that is an old restored playhouse turned into a movie theater. So cool! The main auditorium had a stage, big red curtains and a balcany. We had a wonderful experience on our new and improved date nights. YAY! :). On Saturday night we had some friends over for dinner to play our new favorite game (thanks to Katie and Clark) called Things. It's hilarious! Although, with four people it wasn't as fun because it made it easier. After a few rounds we played Monopoly, which Drew dominated at only because he ALWAYS bribes people for Boardwalk and Park Place and they ALWAYS give in! I try to stop it, but sometimes it doesn't work trying to stop the inevitable. This morning we work up early for our 2nd Sunday of 9am church. A lot better than last week because we weren't scraping 3 inches of snow off our car in our Sunday clothes! We both have had great wards and this one up there in greatness! We feel like it is really connected. New wards are obviously more fun after you get to know everyone and feel more apart of it. We both had great lessons today therefore it was a great morning and now I am about to make us dinner then we are going to visit Dennis our sudo-uncle tonight! Have a great week!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

I'm back in business! I havn't blogged for a while, but I'm back in the swing of things. Ok so me and Drew had a great trip to Arizona. Seeing our friends and family(some of which we hadn't since our wedding) was more than enough to make our trip wonderful. Plus the movies, gift giving, Christmas spirits, parties, and just feeling the joyfulness of Christs birth.
Also, I am so glad Drew got to go golfing...and with brand new clubs! Thanks Steve Wayne(both, one for the clubs and one for going golfing)! We cannot express how thankful we are to have such wonderful families. Plus, I want to congratulate my brother, Parker, on his amazing accomplishment of graduating from ASU! In the Walter Cronkite School and Journalism. Good job Parker! And with a job with the Arizona Republic already. Drew's sister, Catie, got a puppy for Christmas. Her name is Tilly and she is so CUTE! It was so fun playing with her over the break. And speaking of playing, we played plenty of the new Mario Bros game for Wii. We got it and the Wii from my parents, Kevin and Catherine. While we were home, we saw the movie Avatar. If you havn't seen it yet, SEE IT! Also Sherlock Holmes was fabulous. Drew saw four movies while we were home(Couldn't resist the great prices! Half of what we usually pay).
Now to our current status...we are back to our lovely home in Boston. It actually felt really good to get home. Our trip was great, so relaxing and chill. But it is always nice to get back into our normal life here. We spent New Years Eve going out to dinner, taking the train to Faneuil Hall to see a giant Christmas tree and pretty lights, then to Boston Commons Park for lit up ice sculptures, a band, a frozen pond for freely ice skating, and fireworks. It was a great way to kick off the new year! I am back working, only this time with one more baby! It was awesome meeting him. He is very peaceful! Drew doesn't start school for another two weeks so he is enjoying his break by mainly working on his songs and getting ready to start recording more songs this semester. Exciting! I am looking forward to some more nights and weekends in the studio :). One more thing we are looking forward to is a great trip to New York to see a Broadway play, from Steve and Liz. We haven't decided the dates yet, but it is in our future. Well, it snowed all last night and day today! We ventured in it to do some errands this morning and go to breakfast at our favorite place, Trident Cafe. We discovered that Drew needs snow boots and I can't wear my uggs in the snow. Ironic, don't you think? I thought they were snow boots, but apparently they are just for appearance.