Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy Hump Day! This morning was great. I picked up some wedding and honeymoon pictures we had developed and started our family album :). Then made strawberry waffles while Drew did some homework practicing. The song he is singing in this picture is amazing! It's a new one he's been working on called "Easier Said Than Done". It's a pop song that gets stuck in my head. It's so cool how he can just make up a new line to a song in such short time and immediately we know it's perfect. He's teaching me a lot about music. There is so much it's hard to understand all of it! I definitely listen to music a lot differently now and understand more of how it is all put together. Yesterday I started my first day of training at work. I'm really excited to be a server. Everyone is so fun to be around. My training will be done by next week and I will be on the floor. I'm kinda nervous, but really looking forward to it at the same time. Drew's school is going great! He sings and performs a lot during the day because many of his classes are performance classes. He is learning how to better sing and play with a mic, which is hard to get down. It's so fun to see him progress with his music. He had a recording last week for a project with a full band. Drums, bass, guitar, keyboard, and piano. They used a song of his called "Building A Life". He has a teacher that is James Taylors brother and also one that's Bobby McFerrin's Back-Up Singer. Pretty cool! Anyway, have a good day!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Craigslist Scam Session

Have you ever been scammed? Well we just did. So I was supposedly going to nanny for two kids, one being autistic, right? FALSE!!! Here is the story: The "father" who is a foreign guy sent me money orders in the mail to deposit a significantly large amount of money into my account, get cash and send it to a friend in Florida who will then be sending me toys like a play station 3, games, and clothes for his boys so I could keep them here until they moved here. As a benefit to us, I would be getting my first weeks pay and a little extra. So I went and got the cash out this morning and searched for a money gram station to send it. I was then delayed doing it for different reasons. THEN I started talking to Dennis (we love Dennis) about it and he said NO NO NO this is the exact path a scammer would take, then I called Kevin and he agreed. Turns out if I would've sent the money without the money orders being cleared (which takes at least 10 days or something like that) we would have been out the money and totally scammed!! Luckily, Dennis stopped me right before and everything is ok. Crazy huh! What a fag... Lesson Learned.
We're still WAY happy though because we went grocery shopping in Boston at an awesome local fresh fruit/veggie market! We also walked around town holding hands. What's up now!? :)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Getting Settled

Today I got a job! I'll be working right on Newbury Street, which is one on the top shopping places in the world, not to mention the most beautiful street. The restaurant is called Charley's and it is three blocks away from our apartment. Aside from that, I will be nannying part time in October/November for two foreign kids, one of which is autistic. I am extremely excited to see how that goes! Also, Drew is in the process of writing four new songs. He has a live recording session Saturday from 2-6 at Berkley. Today was a great day for both of us!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

One Month Baby!

One month ago today Drew and I were married. Wow! Time goes by fast. It really does feel like we've known each other forever. Last night we made dinner. Cooking together is so much fun. The down side is that our kitchen is TINY, but we survived! Had a nice steak dinner :). After, we played a new co-op video game we got, it was fun! While Drew is going to school and busy doing homework, I am still in the process of finding a job. Hopefully it will be soon! In the mean time, my job right now is the house. I am absolutely loving it! I am really enjoying cleaning, errands, decorating, and cooking for Drew. It will be really nice when I get a job and we have a solid schedule to go by. Anyway, we are both happy and healthy. See ya!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

HI! k so last night me and drew set up our kitchen table. It looks so nice. THANK YOU STEVE AND LORI! I made us banana pancakes this morning and we ate on our table for the first time. I've been cleaning all morning while drew has been working on homework. Music's so cool. He rearraged the song "Stand By Me". We are just about to go to Boston Commons park, have a picnic, Drew study, and I paint! Boston is amazing. How did we get so lucky to live in the most romantic city as a newly weds? We couldn't be happier here. Life is great! We are so grateful for everyone in our life. We have wonderful family and friends. Love you!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hello! So yesterday all of our stuff came on the moving truck. We lived in our apartment with nothing but an air mattress and our luggage from our honeymoon. It was a fun little advanture experience. We are sure grateful for everything we have! Luckily, we have a family member here Dennis who checks up on us and makes sure we have everything we need. It was like Christmas when our stuff came. We are still working on getting our place set up and decorated, but I will post pictures of the inside soon when it looks nice.