Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Winter! Wow it sure is winter here now. I know this isn't such a great picture of snow, but it was the first snow on Saturday night and we ran out to see/play in it for a bit. Me and Drew woke up this morning to snow/rain that was coming down hard. I had my first experience of driving in the snow on my way to work! Since I work outside the city, there is a lot more snow. I must say, it was a bit of an adrenaline rush. It was so dang pretty though. The trees were covered in white and everything was bright and Christmasy! I decorated our fireplace mantel last night with lights and hung our stockings so now we have a little Christmas spirit in our apartment as well :). It's fun living off of the whole cities Christmas spirit too, it really gets decorated with wreaths and lights everywhere! This week Drew has finished a few of his classes. WOO WOO! Go Drew! Good job! He's done with most of his voice performance ones and now he just has to finish up lyric writing, harmony, and his one other voice class. He's been working hard at night so we've pretty much stayed in this week with a few breaks of "The Office" :). Work is going really well for me. I really enjoy my job and feel privilaged to get so lucky!
We are getting really excited to come home for Christmas. Being at home is so relaxing and so much fun just hanging out with people that we love, going to movies, and playing games! I will be coming home the 18th for my brother Parker's graduation from college! What an accomplishment, huh? All the years of studying journelism and now he just gets to write, write, write working for the Arizona Republic. Drew is coming on 19th with his sister Tara that is flying in from Germany. He is excited to fly home with his sister and get a little bonding time in. We'll then fly back home to Boston on the 30th to get me back to work and have our big New Years Celebration here.
Merry Christmas!!!