Thursday, April 21, 2011

Parker and Shannon's Wedding

This past weekend was my brother Parker's wedding! AHH SO exciting!! Because I have been in Boston, I don't know his new wife Shannon very well YET, but she is so so cute and very nice and makes my brother the happiest I have ever seen him! They were glowing their wedding day. Everything was perfect! Me and Drew had a little trouble getting to AZ because we tried to fly stand-by not knowing it was spring break for the elementary school kids on the East Coast! Bad..bad..bad. We ended up not being able to even buy a flight out until the morning of their wedding day and got there just in time! Few! It was very stressful to say the least, but we were so relieved with everything going to smoothly and with flights and timing.

It was a short trip, but so nice to see everyone the two days we were there!! My mom and Kevin were in their new house and we LOVE it!!!! It is so perfect for them :). It was great to see my Dad and Dawn and Tanner; happy we got to have breakfast on Sunday with them!! We saw Kate and Clark's awesome garden/backyard and chickens, SO NICE! And we hadn't seen Carly since she had been home from her mission so that was so so good!!! Love you Carly, so excited for you to be on the east coast with us in June!! We got to meet Denver's girlfriend Celeste who I adore...they both seem so happy!! Yay! And Catie looks gorgeous in my prom dress she is going to be wearing! Liz and Steve are busy busy getting ready to go to Jamaica next week on a business trip! WOO! We miss everyone already!!!!!! Love you all!!!!

Our Leopard Cubs

The idea started when we couldn't get a dog in our apartment, but wanted SOMETHING...cats are sometimes boring...and that's when we came across these...Bengal kittens....they are not just any kitten, they are bred from mixing an Asian Leopard and a black domestic cat. That's how they have such beautiful coats with awesome personality traits. And because of their more active temperament we got TWO! HA! They have been so much fun to have around! They play play play, but are also VERY affectionate and LOVE people! I'll post fun videos every once in a while :)