Saturday, August 6, 2011

1 Week Until Freedom!

One week from today we leave on our big and last get away of the summer! This August is a big month for us with our 2-year anniversary and Drew officially finishing we are going to CABO!!!

Goodbye Boston and hello Mexico! Drew surprised me with this as a birthday gift/combination. He's amazing I know!! This is a much much needed trip. I can't wait to be relaxing on the beach! I wish we could fast forward this next week :). I'll be nannying for the week in the Cape, LOOOONG days! I will be missing Drew taking care of me verrry much...ah well I'll survive and then we're off! Here's our resort...

After 4 nights in Cabo, we fly straight to Washington state for a whole week for my dad's family vacation! It's been many years since we have all gone somewhere together so we are all REALLY looking for to it. Drew has never been to Washington so I'm really excited for him to see it. SOOO green and beautiful! My dad always does a good job with picking an awesome place to stay and he has chosen a nice relaxing water front house. CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Dream Come True

Today we went to our first OB doctors appointment! It was my 12 week appointment so we were able to see the baby for the first time on an ultra-sound. In this picture the baby is upside down just hanging out...

Neither of us were expecting it to be THAT COOL! We had both just seen pictures of other peoples ultra-sounds so we didn't know that you actually get to watch it move around...and OH MY GOSH it was the best feeling in the world to see him/her. It was waving its arms and doing flips! Haha, the doctor said that its a good thing that its so active. Maybe its because I still work out?? Haha. Seeing our baby so small and moving like that was the cutest thing I have ever seen! So anyway it all became much more real for us and especially Drew. He got REALLY excited and it was REALLY cute :). Me too though because until the doctor confirmed everything was going great and that I was even pregnant, there was always a little worry in the back of my head. Before today I was just thinking about taking care of the baby and eating well along with envisioning the baby after it was born (kissing, hugging, and loving it), but today changed my feelings! As soon as I saw it on the screen I fell in love with our baby! Now that I've seen it I feel like I have a relationship with it. It's a feeling that I have never felt before, a deep spiritual and emotional feeling to this human being that I am fully responsible for. I know all you Moms out there know what I'm talking about and for everyone that isn't a mom yet and will be, you really have something INCREDIBLE to look forward to. I truly feel like MY #1 dream is coming true and have never felt so happy and good about what I'm doing and the path that I'm on. The gift of motherhood is the greatest blessing in this world to me and I hope that I will always be a wonderful example for my children.

Here's a picture of me right before the appointment. I'm not showing yet (first pregnancy tends to take longer to show), but will pop in the next month or two!