Monday, November 23, 2009

Just A Thought

The Lifestyle we are at right now is young, in school, working, and trying to make our passions come true. So me and Drew have been thinking lately about how there are so many things to do in this world and we want to do it all. He was building our T.V Stand and thought it would be cool to be a builder. Also, how fun it would be to go to law school. Me too, believe it or not. He says once we have girls to clean and take care of the house, I could go to law school. He thinks it'd be cool to be a business man. Wear a suit all day and talk business. Anyway, there are just so many options, it's hard to say that your only gonna do one. We will strive for our main goal, make it happen, then try for more. We are experiencing the urban city life right now. Hope to someday have a ranch with horses living the mountain life and also experience different countries. Anyway, just dreams and aspirations :).

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

20 Things That I Love About Drew

1.  Almost every morning he wakes up saying I Love You with a smile :).

2. How he is always pondering and thinking of something that he could do to make him a better person.  Whether it's spiritual, everyday life, or his relationships with people, it's amazing how fast I see him improve once he decides.

3.  His shocking dance moves that make me jealous I can't dance that good.  I saw him break dance a little the other day and he has mad hip-hop skills.  Not to mention, a very romantic slow dancer ;).

4.  The way when we are out walking he runs like a retard just to see my reaction, whether it's mimicing him, saying he's a dork, or laughing.

5.  He always wants to buy me something when we are out.  We usually have a "disagreement" on who gets to get something for the other person. "but Haley/Drew you NEED this!" 

6.  His extreme amount of passion in his life.  Education, music, movies, books!  He loves his career.  And hopes to get the most amount of education he can in life.

7.  His humor.  I sometimes take advantage of it, then realize how funny he is again when we are with family and friends. 

8.  How extremely clean and organized he is.

9.  I love how balanced Drew is in life.  He is not extreme in any area.  He is always aware of exactly how things are-good, bad, or just okay.

10.  Always making me want to be a better person.  "Never be at a straight line, always be improving in all aspects of life!"

11.  He does the Dishes!

12.  He always is making sure that I am happy.  If I'm not, he becomes either really loving or goofy to cheer me up!  I love it when he suprises me with flowers.  He makes life so fun!

13.  How he cooks dinner or breakfast for us sometimes.  I love his potatoes and eggs.  He's also has become a champ steak cooker. 

15.  How quick he is to help me if I ask him to do something. 

16.  The way when we are watching a movie at night, as soon as I start to fall asleep, he turns it off and takes me to bed. 

17.  I love the relationship that he has with my family.  He is so much fun to be around and is a great person to just sit down and talk to!

18.  The good adviser that he is when I am struggleing with something.  He's a great counselor and gives amazing advice.

19.  How we are so much alike sometimes it's wierd.  Our first date we had the same favorite song which wasn't likely because it wasn't popular.

20.  His dreams that become my dreams, vise versa, and the dreams that we have together! 

So, this started out being 10 things and that wasn't possible...

Monday, November 16, 2009

HEYYY! Some big things happened last week. It was my first week at my new job. It went really well! I strangely like the house stuff like cleaning, running errands, and cooking. Of course, it is a perk that their daughter is adorable and never cries! She is so calm. Very peaceful happy kid. I cook dinner for them every evening as well. At first I was really nervous because yeah I've cooked, but not a whole lot and I haven't branched out a ton. Surprisingly, it has gone quite well and I am really glad I'm learning so much. I will say that now that I am working a full 8 hours a day, it has been harder for me and Drew to be away from each other. It's the most we've been apart and it's kinda weird and is going to take some getting used to. It's fun looking forward to coming home so much though! Drew's week was good. It was very busy! He had practice all week for an Acapella concert on Thursday. It was African music which was really cool and interesting. Then on Friday my Dad and Dawn came in from Orange County! We picked them up from the airport, checked into their hotel and went to eat at the nice restaurant there. The food was great, but little did we know that Dawn had scallops that gave her food poisoning that night. She was sicker than she ever has been and in bed the next day. It was also raining so we hung out with my Dad, went to a movie and met up again for dinner after aiding Dawn. Sunday was much better and more sunny. We walked down Newbury street shopping for a while and showed them Drew's school! That night we went to Cheer's, the original restaurant where the show was filmed. Then Monday morning we met up for breakfast for our final goodbye before I had to go to work. Even though the trip didn't go as expected, it was so nice to see them and way fun to hangout even when they were sick! They will be back again for a do over next year for more outings and seeing more sites!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

HIIII! Well, it has been a few weeks since I have blogged, sorry! We have been so busy with family in town and work and school. A few weeks ago Drew's parents, Liz and Steve came to visit. It was so much fun seeing them. First time since we've been married! The first night they got in we stayed up talking in our place till about 3am! We were invading our guests because we were so excited to have them here. Two weeks after they came, Denver and his Fiance Camilla came. Drew picked them up from the airport and took them to my restaurant for me to wait on them, suprise to me! Denver actually proposed to her here at the Boston Commons Park, in the garden, on one of the benches. So romantic! They were here over Halloween and I don't know if you've heard of the town Salem, but it's where all the witch trials happened. Anyway, that's where we went on Halloween. It was crazy! Everyone goes there back here and dresses up in the coolest and unique costumes. They had everything from festivals and carnivals to haunted houses. We had a great time. It was so fun seeing Denver and Camilla and being able to spend the time with them that we did. Yesterday my Grandpa and Grandma Compton flew into Providence and me and Drew are driving to meet them for dinner tonight! It'll be awesome having a little road trip to Rhode Island, just an hour though :). We are looking forward to seeing them as well! THEN my Dad and Dawn are flying in on Friday! Woo woo! We can't wait to show them where we live and for them to experience the Wonderful city that Boston is with us!
So I have big new news. I am no longer working at the restaurant as of yesterday. I got nanny job in Concord, MA. Only a thirty minuite drive and the town is gorgeous! It's a little old historical town. Many authors came from there and the house of Little Women is there! Haha. They have a two year old daughter, Rebecca, and she is pregnant with another. They are a retired young couple. I am looking forward to start working with them on Monday. Drew has had a couple crazy weeks between family being here and midterms. They went really well though. He even aced a few! Woo woo! Good job Drew! He is always always singing and practicing the guitar. He is getting a ton better at the guitar. It's so cool for me to see that. AND he would be pleased for me to mention that his guitar is the most amazing guitar ever. It has a great sound. I will say that when he plays another guitar, it just doesn't sound the same. WOW this one is long so I'll go ahead and say bye for now!