Tuesday, March 23, 2010

East Coast Extravaganza

Two weeks ago was spring break for Drew and my family back in Arizona(Mom's side). And guess whaaaaaaaat? They came to Boston! Kevin and mom, Parker, and Clark and Kate. They had not yet been out to visit us and see our place. City living is quite different than urban. When it comes to crashing at a friends place, space is an issue. But HEY! We survived and probably ended up closer, right guys? :) They all trickled in different days of the week. First, the parents came. It rained...and rained...and rained...for 2 full days, but after that nothing but pure sunshine! We had SO much fun showing them our life, then being tour guides around Boston. We ate at our favaorite restaurants, the North End("Little Italy"), The Oyster House(the first resaurant in America), and many more. That's what Parker cared about, the FOOD! Haha. In Boston, we saw Berklee, Harvard Square, Newbury Street, The Boston Commons Park, The Warf and Aquarium, Fanuiel Hall, Museum of Fine Arts, shopping and theater district, China Town, and Walden Pond.
My mom is one of the best vacation planners that I know. Without a doubt, she will make sure that we are all having as much fun as we possibly can. Her idea was for one of the days to drive down to Newport, Rhode Island and stay on the beach in a beautiful hotel! We saw one of the many famous mansions there, The Vanderbelt Mansion. It was AMAZING! Giant! It was so interesting to see how that kind of wealth lived. It was a sad day when the parents left us to go back to Arizona. We had such a great time with them and are looking forward to them coming back in the summer! The last part of the week it was just us kids left which was awesome too. We all have so much fun together...MOVE TO BOSTON GUYS! ;)