Monday, February 22, 2010

Back to the Real World

We're back! Not a bad way to spend our first Valentines Day and 6 month anniversary together, to say the least! A very memorable one for sure. I can honestly say that I fell in love all over again during our trip. It's hard to explain, but I just realized how lucky I was to find Drew. He fulfills all of my needs. I won't go into huge detail because I'll start sounding more of a cheese ball than I already am :/...but somewhere between just being a huge help in my work environment, making us all laugh, and the fireworks and dancing, I couldn't have been a happier camper.
Drew had the opportunity to be in "The American Idol Experience" show in the Hollywood Studios park. He auditioned, made it, then sang in two different shows. The first show, he won. The second show, which was the finals, he came so close, but didn't get the golden ticket. I don't know who had more fun, me or him? It was so much fun for me to watch him on stage and cheer him on. And he had the time of his life singing up there! They do it all backstage, hair and make-up, and they even give you a voice coach. It couldn't have been better practice. That was a HUGE highlight to our trip!
And here is the video of Drew singing "Go The Distance" from Hercules...

I thought that Disneyworld was a BLAST! The first half of the trip we saw a lot of the parks, then the second half was more relaxing and did whatever we felt like. Mine and Drew's favorite ride was the "Yeti" ride in Animal Kingdom. It's like Disneyland's "Matterhorn", but pumped with adrenaline. It goes backwards through the dark and has a drop like "Splash Mountain". We are thrilled that we had the opportunity to go and that we took it! We were a big help. It is nice to be home and get back in the swing of things! Going to the gym, work, school, and church too :). Crazy things are happening in both of our families too. My mom and Kevin maybe moving to St. George, my dad and Dawn getting into foster care, and Drew's parents in Israel. Drew's sister Tara had a wonderful weekend while we were gone as well. We lent our place to her boyfriend Zach, who I have yet to know very well, but have heard only the best! Yay Tara! Next, My mom and Kevin are coming out to see us in 3 weeks. Including Clark and Katie, and HOPEFULLY Parker! We definitely are looking forward to that. WAHOOO! Life is so unexpected and exciting! Live up every moment!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

An Adventure to Remember

In less than a week we will be leaving on our journey to Disneyworld! We are getting super excited. What could be better than working while in Disneyworld? I've always wanted to bring a little kid to Disneyland with me and never got the opportunity because I was always the youngest. I thought I would have to wait for my own kids, but nope! I get the privilage of experiencing Disneyworld with the little girl that I watch every day at work :). Drew will be coming for the first week that we are there. He then has to get back to school and I will be staying another four days! A while ago, me and Drew went to Barnes and Noble and bought these to get us ready...

Soooo...Drew has been taking a peak at the books to get us familiar with some hidden "secrets". Haha COOOOL! I have a vision of going on the Disney Cruise again, that I did once with my family. We WILL go and take our little ones with us! It really was one of the more fun vacations that I have been on! Anyway, we are looking forward to a super fun time in Disneyworld visiting all of the unique parks.

It was Dennis's birthday on Monday. Woo woo! We brought a party over to his house and had some cake and ice cream with him. He already had about ten cakes in his refigerator...he IS loved! That morning he had found out that he will possibly be able to walk again! With several shots of botox in his legs, he has a chance. That made his birthday :).