Monday, October 10, 2011

The Place That Made Us

I've been thinking that I need to write about our experience in Boston. I'll start out by saying that it was the best experience for Me and Drew! We moved there together RIGHT after we got married in Arizona. In fact, our honeymoon consisted of driving across the country, slowly seeing sights along the way. We went to Yellowstone...took an accidental detour through Montana where we found our dream land...Mt. Rushmore...Niagara Falls and Buffalo...The Mall of America(awesome!)...then arrived in our new home, Boston. Right then is when we started the beginning of a 2-year adventure of Drew finishing his schooling at Berklee College of Music and me nannying.

We lived in Back Bay on the most beautiful street in Boston, Marlborough Street. It's a very quiet street that runs directly into The Boston Public Gardens, parallels 1 block each way from The Charles River and Commonwealth Avenue, and is 2 blocks from one of the best shopping districts in the world, Newbury Street! We lived just a few blocks from Drew's school so he conveniently walked to school every day. And with one nanny job I walked 4 blocks to work!

In the span that we lived there, I nannied for a few different families. I learned so much about taking care of babies/toddlers full time and became a more experienced cooker and baker. Me and Drew both discovered that we are a great pair when being with/taking care of kids and have a lot of fun! Also, how we wanted to parent our own kids. It was all GREAT practice which will come in handy in 4 more months when we have one of our own! I really miss each family that I nannied for and hope to stay in touch.

Drew finished Berklee with a degree in Songwriting and Music Business. He wrote and recorded his own music at 2 different studios while we were there, each one producing a completely different sound. He does vocals and acoustic guitar. Drew signed with a producer on Newbury Street right before we moved. He feels like he accomplished a lot while at Berklee and learned the most he could from his inspiring teachers! I am SO proud of him working so hard while we were there and balancing being a super-husband, teaching voice lessons, and school!

Living in the city we had many adventures! We walked store, dinner, work, school, museums, site seeing, shopping, friends houses, or just a stroll in the park. I guess that's why they call it "The Walking City"! It's small enough that you could walk the whole city in a day. The only times we really used our car was for day trips to a nearby city, visiting Dennis, hanging out with our friend David and his kids, errands not close by, and driving to church! We could have survived without a car, but are SO glad that we had one!! That would've taken away a lot of fun days we had, especially at the pumpkin farms in the country during the fall! One of the things we loved most about the city was the fact that each holiday actually matched the way it looked outside. Halloween time LOOKS like Halloween with old buildings and brown trees and Christmas it's white everywhere from the snow and the whole city is decked in lights and spirit! The summers are so green and flowers are all bloomed!!

Living in Boston was HARD! It's expensive and everyone works really hard for what they have. But how much fun you have in the mean time makes it all worth it! The people there all have something going for them...a really good school, big goals and aspirations, or a great job. It was so inspiring to be around! We will really miss our friends and appreciate all the fun times we had!

We want to say thank you to our family and friends who gave us their love and support while we were there! We never had to miss you too much because you visited often. It was so much fun sharing our fun life there with you!

Boston is where Me and Drew became US, it's where we established ourselves, grew together, became more well-rounded, and made our baby boy happen! So we miss it sooooo much...everything about it...being just me and him for 2 years was the best thing for us and that time will always be special.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


YAYAYA! We are officially having a baby boy :). We had a GREAT trip to Boston for the last time for a while. The doctors appointment went really good and the baby is definitely a HE no questions asked! It's sad when the ultrasound is over because I just want to watch him and hang out with my baby on the screen all day! We made finding out fun by having the doctor write his gender on a paper, went shopping at Zara, picked out one boy and one girl outfit, had the cashier look at the paper and wrap whichever gender it was. We opened in during a nice lunch at Stephanie's on Newbury Street! It was a really fun day :). I had been waiting to buy this baby clothes for 18 weeks! And it's just as fun as I thought it would be...and I haven't been able to stop. Drew is so stoked to have a little boy to rough up, but don't worry I will keep him sweet!!

I am now almost 21 weeks and have a little belly poking out. I feel him move all the time and his kicks are getting stronger, it's jolting and I love the feeling. Basically, being pregnant is the best experience I have had yet! The few things that aren't so fun about it don't even compare with how awesome it is. I was bummed when I couldn't get on a wave-runner in Mexico or when I wasn't much help lifting things during the move, but I just don't care that much because I'm so happy with WHY I can't!!! Anyway, that's my update for now...We can't wait to snuggle with our baby boy :).