Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wahooo for Summer and New Comings!

Helllllllllllllooo! Long time, no blog? It's been a busy and crazy around here! The last month has been full of a lot of fun and new memories with family. It started out with going to Disneyworld for ANOTHER week with my side of the family! My mom and Kevin, Parker, Katie and Clark, Andrew and Janie, and me and Drew all stayed in a big house outside of the parks. It was a BLAST! Seriously, what's better than the happiest place on earth with parents, siblings, and cousins??? I will say that it was HOT! The one evening I decided to change into jeans was a regretful decision. The humidity is killer, but it wouldn't be so green without it right? The house had a pool we got to cool off with on our breaks so that was niiiiiiiiiiice! Parker is all about the food in Disneyworld, he would get an egg roll in china, rice candy in Japan, fish N chips in London, and a Beaver Tail in Canada if it was his choice! And his favorite attraction is Philharmagic. Mom loves the rides and her favorite park is EPCOT by far while Kevin loved his experience of performing in the American Idol Experience(GOOD JOB KEVIN!). Andrew had a fun time showing Janie around for her first time there and of course enjoyed being with the Dressler family on vacation! Both Katie and Clark are all about good old Magic Kingdom with classic space, thunder and splash mountiain. Drew and I's favorite park is Animal Kingdom...we LOVE the yeti ride and are thrilled about The Dinosaur ride being a type of Indiana Jones from Disneyland. And of course the AMAZING African Safari you get to go on and see lions, giraffs, hippos, gorillas, and many many more in a jeep-like tour. On one of our days, Mom took us to a state park where she used to go with alligator infested waters that you can take a canoe out on! We saw a big momma rise to the surfacce of the swamp right in front of us and passed by two baby ones. It was slightly nerve-racking, but EXTREMELY awesome! Thanks Mom for getting us to drive an hour to have an amazing experience :). So all in all, it was VERY fun and we are all so happy everyone was able to pull it together and come! Thanks parents for planning it all.

When me and Drew came back home to Boston, I was left with my last week of work and Drew had a birthday! 25...pretty crazy, but still young :). I decorated our place with happy birthday ballooons and streamers. I got him an engraved sterling silver guitar pick that he opened before I went to work. The sentimental gifts are the ones he loves the most! That night we had some friends over for a get together with cake and fun. Sadly, a couple of them moved this summer, but it was great to have them over one last time. So Drew had a good day! That Friday ended my nanny job with a good goodbye for now. That leaves both me and Drew current job hunters.

The next day we left to go to Arizona for Drew's sister, Tara's wedding! Our trip was filled with a lot of preparing for the wedding, Tara and Zach's cute music video, the actual wedding and reception, games, banana grams, rockband and banana grams with my family, my mom's birthday, quading, and more banana grams :). We hadn't stayed at Steve and Liz's yet for a visit and it was really nice to be around for all the wedding stuff. Weddings are so much fun! And of course Tara and Zach's was a blast. It was fun for me and Drew to be so reminded 9 months after ours of the great memories made. This time we were able to relax, eat, talk, and DANCE! Congratulations Tara and Zach, we hope you had fun in Costa Rica!! WOOO! Your wedding rocked and never forget one of the most fun and meaningful day of your lives.

We planned to head back to Boston that Saturday after the wedding...but why go back when you can go to Cali??? So that's what we did. Dad and Dawn had this genius idea for us to drive back from AZ with them to their house in Huntington Beach then fly back home after we got our fill. We went to a few beaches, including crystal cove(a favorite), shopped, hung out, met baby Ares who is ADORABLE, and went up to LA for a nice double date with Rob and his awesome girlfriend Tatyana(the observatory is SWEET!). So Dad, I know you were sick, but thank you both for the great little break before we headed back. It was great to spend a little time with you guys and we wish you luck with baby Ares and the new company that you are starting!

Yesterday(Wednesday) we flew home sweet home. It is so nice to be back in our little apartment in this big city living our lives. We had a wonderful time seeing and spending time with all of our family in this past month! Our next thing is to both find jobs...I have a few leads and Drew is gettin there. We love you all and we'll see you next time!