Thursday, October 4, 2012

Getting To Know Marsden

I feel like I could write a novel on our little boys personality.  He is so full of life (Drew calls him a fireball)!  He came here with an abnormally strong head/neck.  He could hold it up pretty much at the hospital!  Here's some pictures of him at 1 month old, that's 4 week folks!!

Marsden had a pretty fussy first 3 months.   I tried giving up dairy, but that didn't help so I gladly stopped that and his doctor got him on some stomach acid drops which helped.  He spit up A LOT!  Every time someone wanted to hold him I was so nervous that he would spit up on them and most the time he did!  Poor little boy, we felt so bad for him and all his bubbles!

This picture shows how much Marsden looks like his dad.  Can you tell which is which?  I'm sure the clothing and photo quality gives it away, but yeah thats Drew on the left and Marsden on the right.  Wow, TWINS!

*Marsden's first smile was while I was giving him a bath! March 19th 
*Marsden's first laugh was also in the bath at 2 months, but Drew tickling him at 3 months made him start belly laughing!

Marsden was always so alert!  It was like he wanted to soak everything around him in and see more!  He's still that way.  Always wanting to see and learn :). 

He loves people!  He especially loves it when older kids play with him.   I really think he could play forever!

*Marsden got his bottom two teeth at 3 months

*Marsden started scooting at 5 months and a week later started really crawling.   Once he figures out something, he learns quickly!  He crawls with his right foot stepping and his left knee on the ground and still does!  It's so funny.  This is also when he started sitting up on his own.

Here is a picture of him on his half year, 6 month birthday!  Taken and edited by Drew.

Marsden definitely keeps me us on our toes!  He pulls himself up onto everything and has even started walking with the couch.  We are in for a ride with his speedy brain.

*He got 4 top teeth between 5 and 7 months which means he has 6 teeth now! He loves to eat food (especially if he can gnaw on it himself) and is very good at it with all his chompers.

Marsden is the happiest boy and so much fun to be around!  He's always up for a laugh or to play with you.  He will make anyone smile with his smile ;).  He is now 7 months and we feel so blessed to have his amazing spirit in our lives!  Marsden makes life brighter.

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  1. he is so good looking (and I really dont think that many babies are lol)!!! He seems a lot like our baby boy! Good luck... they are the funnest EVER! :)